“The world that was Ernest Hemingway’s”.

Departure from the fishermen’s port of CAORLE.

Stop at the typical “Casoni”

Morning (beginning June 15): 

(Tuesday to Friday)

Departure – 9:00 am

Expected return – 11:15 am approx.



Departure – 2:30 pm

Expected return – 4:45 pm approx.

The lagoon of Caorle


The lagoon of Caorle is situated in the municipal territories of Caorle and San Michele al Tagliamento, in the metropolitan city of Venice. The waters of the river Lemene enter it as an immissary; the Nicesolo channel is its emissary that flows into the Adriatic Sea; the Saetta channel, on the other hand, ensures the naval connection of the lagoon with the Orologio dock and with the Livenza river. The area, which separates the municipal capital from the area of Brussa, is identified as a site of community interest.